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Process Overview

Here you can find documents that outline the process we go through in the development of learning objects. While each project is different, the steps outline above, and in the process diagram, will give you a general idea of the steps. Some projects require a lot of time to define an outcome that will meet the needs outlined in the proposal, requiring prototyping and an extensive design phase; other projects are simpler and can move quickly through production. We have found that the more clearly defined a project is, the more quickly it can be developed. However, the projects that do need more time for definition and exploration into various possible outcomes have been beneficial, pushing us into new territory with the technology, and allowing new understandings of the content involved.

Process Diagram
We have created a diagram to map out this process.

We have developed a workbook that we use to help collect and manage the information needed to make a learning object.

Help with the Workbook
We've created a set of supporting documents to make using the workbook easier.

The various roles that people play in the development process.

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