Accelerated Motion awarded grant from NITLE

A joint project between the Academic Media Studio, the Wesleyan Press, Wesleyan Faculty and authors Ann C. Albright and Ann Dills... Continue reading

Music in the Afghan North reviewed

in Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association...Continue reading

The Scroll Singers of Naya opens at Lisbon Museum

An exhibition of the art and performance of the women of Naya
Museu Nacional de Etnologia – Lisbon, Portugal...Continue reading

MONARCH presented at Digital Humanities 2007

Clifford Wulfman, Brown University, presented "The Abbey Inside the Machine: The MonArch Project", on the Wesleyan-Brown project...Continue reading

Unaahil B'aak presented at Society of American Archaeology.

"Unaahil B'aak: A Look at the Ancient Maya City of Palenque through the Digital Lens" was... Continue reading

Ukiyo-e videos highlighted at RISD exhibit

Keiji Shinohara gave demonstrations of Ukiyo-e techniques during RISD's exhibit... Continue reading

A Virtual Village blogged at Next Text

Reporting on high tech in higher education, US News describes LOLA as a new way for professors to share and discover learning objects. Continue reading

A Virtual Village blogged at Next Text

“What's great about this web project is the balance it achieves between interactive mapping and scholarly text…" Continue reading

NMC 2005 Center of Excellence Award

The New Media Consortium honors Wesleyan with its Center of Excellence Award for the development of Learning Objects. Continue reading

Cycles of Life in a Bengali Town on Display in International Museum

A new exhibit entitled "Divine Gifts: Marriage and ritual in rural West Bengal" at the Museum of Cultures in Helsinki, Finland features professor Akos Ostor web site "Cycles of Life in a Bengali Town." Continue reading

Music in Afghan web site educates service men and women

Through the use of the Music in Afghan web site, the Learning Objects program helps exposed service men and woman to a whole new culture. Continue reading

Virtual Instrument Museum to be shown at Conference on Music and Technology

Dan Schnaidt will be presenting VIM at The Music and Technology Conference June 8-10. Continue reading

A Virtual Village goes to India

On a recent visit to India, Peter Gottschalk shared the Virtual Village project with participants who live in the real village... Continue reading

The Yearbook for Traditional Music reviews The Music in the Afghan North web site

"Slobin's efforts to stimulate our critical faculties should be widely appreciated. The events preceding and following the 2001 American intervention in Afghanistan have stimulated renewed interest in the music of that county..." Continue reading

Music in the Afghan North web site travels to Europe

Recently Professor Mark Slobin has been visiting Universities throughout Europe. Continue reading

LoLa Exchange Enters Beta Phase

LoLa Exchange, a collaborative learning object exchange, is now ready for beta testers. Sign up at

Wesleyan Joins Merlot

Partnership with Merlot will create a catalog of learning object repositories. Continue reading

Learning Objects Program noted in NMC spotlights

The Learning Objects Program was recognized as an example of Information Technology Services and Faculty working together to develop interactive learning tools . Continue reading

LoLa: Learning Objects, Learning Activities

Design of a learning object repository is underway in collaboration with other schools. Continue reading

Loyer and Roy present at New Media Center's On-line conference on Learning Objects

20 minute talk provides succinct description of Wesleyan's learning object project. Continue reading

Tides and Turbidity Demonstrated at the Geological Society of America Meeting

O'Connell demonstrates two of her learning objects at national conference. Continue reading