The Learning Object Program

We work with faculty to develop interactive learning tools and animations that help students understand difficult concepts. These modules are shared across campus, with faculty at other institutions and are used both inside and outside of the classroom. Our projects range from animations of biological processes such as neurulation (embryonic development of the neural tube), to a simulated Indian village, where students can explore the complex interfaces and interactions among North Indians and their social and cultural lives by way of a series of interconnected maps, images, audio, and video segments. We seek to enhance the liberal arts experience by providing content in modes not usually available by traditional means. Listen to the brief interviews below to hear what faculty have to say about developing these materials. (Real player required).

Faculty Testimonials

Professor Ann Burke

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"This allows [students] to stand back and understand…"
-Prof. Ann Burke on the Body Wall Formation in the Chick Embryo web site.

Professor Mark Slobin

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"Putting this all into a web site has proven to be extraordinarily effective."
-Prof. Mark Slobin on the Music in the Afghan North 1965-72 web site

Professor Suzanne O'Connell

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"Students look at this tidal [animation] and they go 'Oh, I get it.'"
-Prof. Suzanne O'Connell Long Island Sound Ocean Tides Simulation.

Download RealPlayer. Be sure to download the free version of the player. The link to this can usually be found in the top right-hand corner of their home page.

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